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The C.R. Avery Band

Maggie Estep

Buddy Wakefield, two-time winner of The International World Poetry Slam

National Poetry Slam 2005, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Inspirachel by Rachel Kann


Jack McCarthy -- Your Standup Poetry Guy


Paul Lipman: Fear of Silence

International World Poetry Slam 2004, Greenville, South Carolina

Berton Braley Cyber Museum

Hal Sirowitz

Daphne Gottlieb, S.F. Spoken Word Artist Par Excellence!

Bullhorn Collective

Metro Silicon Valley Poetry Slam

The Official Site of the Lovely Karen Finneyfrock, Poet and Host of The Seattle Poetry Slam

Winner of 2003 National Poetry Slam Individual Finals Mike McGee

Second Place Runner-up 2003 National Poetry Slam Individual Finals and Member of the Vancouver Slam Team Shane Koyczan

Sofa King - Acid Blues/Spoken Word, Seattle, WA

Urbana Poetry Slam, New York, New York

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The Official Website of Karyna McGlynn, Poet, Author of "Tango the Green Tiger", and Member of the Seattle Team at NPS2003

Amarillo Bay Literary Magazine

Cristin O'Keefe Aptowitz, Poet, Author of "Teenage Slut Gets Fucked in the Head", and Other Classics

Shappy Seasholtz

Jeremy Richards, Slam Poet Extraordinaire, and Member of the Seattle Team at NPS2002/03

cass king, multimedi(v)a/poet/sex columnist, where do i stop?

spoken word artist and musician june melby


Seattle Poetry Slam


Internet Manifesto, by Ja Uhm

The Unknown Poet's Page

"INNERTAINMENTS"--- Adventures in Visual Art, Poetry, & Humanities ---Hunter Ingalls, PhD

Poetry Superhighway